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Let’s Change Course.

The postpartum years are the most crucial period in a woman’s life for nutritional and hormonal support. Let’s fuel your body the right way and help your hormones chill TF out, k?

It’s time to put you back on the priority list.

Mother Recover

is a self-paced, easy 5-module course —

that teaches mothers how to restore their health by meeting their body’s nutritional needs and rebalancing their postpartum hormones.

With easy (and quick) video lessons, Mother Recover delivers the goods without adding more stuff to your day.

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I had terrible postpartum insomnia and anxiety and wasn’t ready to try medications. I’m happy to report that my sleep and anxiety have improved TREMENDOUSLY since implementing the program. I feel like a new woman!

– Amy


Life. Changing. I felt significantly better almost immediately after making simple (but not obvious!) changes to my diet. My anxiety is so much easier to manage now, and my afternoon coffee and sugar cravings are almost gone.

– julia

I have more energy, not as much indigestion or headaches.

– Sydney

I learned I could make myself feel better if I could learn about my body and what it needed and how to treat it. I would recommend this program to anyone- pregnant or postpartum.

– Ashley

I feel less foggy and more aware of my food intake and body movements overall.

– eunice

Alison was so instrumental in my postpartum recovery and journey after I had my second.

– Kayla

I wish I had this information back when I had my first baby!

– Elly

I now think that the tremendous depletion, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and numerous physical “unexplained” ailments that have plagued me over the past eight or so years could have all been addressed so much earlier and more easily had I learned all of this back then and known how to nourish myself before, during, and after my pregnancies.

– Stefanie

I’ve only made what I feel like are minor changes in my diet and routine and have seen lots of improvement. My mental and physical well being have improved. I have more energy and I’m less cranky most days. It’s made me more aware of taking care of myself so I can take care of others.

– Rachel

I was feeling mentally foggy, exhausted, unable to sleep, and irritable. Once I adjusted my diet, I started to feel much more like myself. The resources and support in this program are great and really helped me, I wish I had found it sooner.

– Molly

the mother manifesto

I believe that a thriving society needs healthy mothers.

Gone are the days of just getting by. As a mother, you deserve to feel good- for yourself AND your family.

I’m In

New Rule:
You Matter.

Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are the greatest challenges your body will probably ever endure. And since nobody benefits when you feel like roadkill, I’m going to teach you how to understand and take care of your body and mind’s unique needs. 

What happens when your body’s needs are met?

  • Deeper and more restorative sleep
  • Relief from hormone imbalance symptoms
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • More energy 
  • Fewer cravings
  • Decreased hair loss
  • Mental clarity
  • Relief from chronic overwhelm and isolation.
  • Easier weight management
  • A resilient immune system


5 Course Modules

Body-fueling Recipe Guide

Discounts on supplements and wellness items that work

Ticket to live (and recorded!) Zoom Q&A Session with Alison

Curated directory for women’s wellness resources

BONUS workshops: Quick Meals and Insomnia


your recovery

Your post-baby body has very specific needs. The Mother Recover framework will teach you how to eat, move and supplement yourself so that your body and mind can thrive again.

Module 1


We start by laying a new foundation for your health. 

In Module 1, I’ll teach you the basics of sleep, nutrition (yay, snacks!), and how to ask others for support. We’ll also cover budget-friendly easy meals so you can start nourishing your body right away. 

Module 2


There are certain nutrients that almost always become depleted from pregnancy and postpartum. 

Module 2 teaches you how to replenish these nutrients to support your healing, energy, hormone balance, immunity and brain health. 

Module 3


Hot flashes, mood disorders, fatigue, insomnia, hair loss, irregular cycles are all linked back to your hormones. 

In Module 3, you’ll learn how to identify your core hormone issues and choose the right functional foods and supplements to rebalance your hormones through postpartum and beyond.

Module 4


The first three years of motherhood are all about rebuilding. 

In Module 4, we’ll build you back up with a holistic routine of supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. We focus on your bones, strength, immunity, fertility, and relationships.

Module 5


The last module equips you with strategies for lasting wellness.

This includes inner and outer work that puts you back on your priority list, like healthy morning and sleep routines, exercises to love your body and its hormonal rhythms, and parenting resources. Welcome back to your body, friend.

A mother on a mission

I’m Alison, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, mom to two, and believer in women.

Throughout my first pregnancy, I couldn’t believe how much misinformation there was about a nourishing and supportive diet. I knew that pregnancy was the time to focus more, not less, on nutrition. When I left the hospital post-birth, first baby in arms, I was given zero guidelines on healing and replenishing my body.

Then came the night sweats. The exhaustion, brain fog, and 0-to-60 mood swings. I was in shock. Despite being an expert in nutrition and hormones, I didn’t know how to take care of my physical needs. 

Postpartum health is rarely talked about in most traditional (or holistic) settings. So I put on my research helmet and taught myself how to take care of my unique postpartum body. Now I’m on a mission to bust the myth that women have to crawl through motherhood.

After working with hundreds of new moms one-on-one, I created Mother Recover so that I could teach busy mothers how to thrive. 

Hi! This is me and my stage-5 clinger.

In case you’re thinking “I don’t even pee alone. You want me to take a nutrition course?”

If solo bathroom visits and time to yourself are a distant memory, this course is for you. I made the modules quick, the content clear, and the implementation simple. I also give you easy recipes and grocery guides designed specifically to meet your core nutritional needs.

Mother Recover is for moms, full stop.

Let’s take care of you.

​ ​ ​ ​
Mother Recover


5 Course Modules
Worksheets for each module
Meal Planning Guides and Grocery List
Discounts on supplements and wellness items that work
Curated directory for mother’s wellness resources
A replenished and hormonally balanced body
BONUS: Quick Meals Workshop
BONUS: Insomnia Workshop
  • 5 Course Modules
  • Worksheets for each module
  • Meal Planning Guides and Grocery List
  • Discounts on supplements and wellness items that work
  • Curated directory for mother’s wellness resources
  • A replenished and hormonally balanced body
  • BONUS: Quick Meals Workshop
  • BONUS: Insomnia Workshop


I already eat healthy. Will I learn anything?

Yes. Mother Recover is designed to help you identify what your unique body needs as related to hormonal balances and nutrition, which is not the same as a generally “healthy” or “clean” diet. If you’re experiencing any postpartum or new mom struggles, such as extreme fatigue, mood swings, depression, night sweats and hair loss, this course is for you.

Is this a live course?

Mother Recover is a self paced course designed to be completed in about 5 weeks – though you can take as long as you need. 

I’m drowning in diapers. Will I have time to do this?

Yes. The course modules are short (10-30 minutes each), the principles are simple, and the recipes are easy. Most importantly, with balanced hormones and a fueled body, you’ll have more energy to do life.

I’m pregnant. Is this for me?

Yes. 100% yes. Many postpartum (and pregnancy) struggles are not only treatable, but preventable. Do yourself a solid and get ahead of the postpartum game.

Is this just for first-time moms?

Not at all. Many moms who take The Mother Recover course have multiple children. The course is for you if you’ve had a child in the last three(ish) years.

How long does it take to start feeling better?

This ain’t a bandaid. Mother Recover gives you the tools and knowledge to take care of yourself for life. That said, I typically see changes in energy within days to weeks and hormone changes within weeks to months. Mood improvements or weight change can be more variable.

I didn’t give birth, but I feel like garbage. Can I still benefit from this?

Adoptive, surrogate and non-bio moms (as well as partners) are welcome here. Some of the material is related to the physical act of pregnancy, birth and lactation but many principles are related to the stress, lack of sleep and universal motherhood experience. This is for any human who mothers.

What’s your return policy?

All Mother Recover course purchases are non-refundable. 

Will this help me lose extra weight?

My priority is to help you feel better. Although weight loss is not the focus of this course, difficulty losing weight is sometimes a side effect of certain hormonal imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. Some moms find weight management easier once their bodies have what they need. 

I’m a vegetarian or have food restrictions. Will I be able to follow the food plan?

Yes. My food and meal recommendations follow a formula where you can plug your favorite foods into each category. The meal plans and recipes are for ease and inspiration but you don’t need to follow the exact ingredients in order to be successful.

I’ve had anxiety since way before kids, but it’s gotten worse postpartum. Will changing my diet really help my anxiety?

Mother Recover is way more than meal plans and diet changes. I’ll guide you through the step by step process to recover from birth and feel better in your body. This includes a walk through of various symptoms that are commonly experienced postpartum (like anxiety) – and their connection to food, hormones, and nutrient deficiencies. I’ll teach you how to leverage this knowledge to give your body what it needs through diet, supplements AND self-care. Many women love the Mother Recover course as a complement to their other mental healthcare strategies.

Break up with mom martyrdom

Balance your hormones and nourish your body so you can thrive (not survive) in postpartum and beyond.


The 5 Course Modules

The Recipe Guide

Discount codes for supplements & wellness items

The Mother Recover resource directory